Once you have identified an existing Symbiota portal to which you want to publish specimen data, contact the project or portal managers with the request to become a data provider. Portal contacts are typically listed on the homepage or within the left menu of the data portal. See the list of Active Symbiota Portals to determine which portal is best suited for your data. One may wish to publish to more than one portal. Typically, the portal manager will need the information in the following list to initiate your collection within the portal. Once the collection has been added, data can be loaded. See the page on Loading Specimen Data for details on methods and acceptable data formats for upload specimen.

Information needed to create a new collection within a portal

  • Collection title that should be listed on the search page
  • Institution and collection codes (e.g. acronyms)
  • Short description of collection holdings and preparation types
  • Contact(s):  name, title, email, and ORCID, if available
  • Link(s) to homepage and/or other external resources
  • Collection or institution icon – a small image that visually represents the collection, icons that are roughly the same height and width work best
  • Preferred usage rights. The portal manager should be able to advice you on this. It may also be useful to read the following Creative Commons links:
  • Whether you are publishing a snapshot of your data that will be periodically updated, or you plan to manage the data as a live dataset directly within the portal
  • Source of the Global Unique identifier (GUID) for the specimen records. If the specimen records are managed directly within the portal, we recommend letting the portal automatically generate a GUID (UUID) when records are created. If a data snapshot is published from a local in-house data management system, GUIDs need to be generated locally and then included in the data published to the portal.
  • Create a user account within the portal. This is typically done by clicking on the New Account link provided in the left or horizontal menus of the homepage
  • Finally, provide details about the current status of the collection. How many specimens are in the collection? Will you be imaging your specimens, or just digitizing the specimen labels? Are you starting from scratch or has a proportion of the collection already been digitized? If so, how is your data being managed? What type of database are you using?