Field Image Upload

Simple field images without specific locality information can only be linked to the scientific name of the organism. These images are displayed on the Species Profile Page along with other general information such as species descriptions, distribution maps, synonyms, common names, etc. Upload and management of field images is done through the Species Profile Editing interface. Note that one needs Species Profile editing permissions to upload an image. If you have not yet done so, read the Image Submission page for a general overview of the different types of images that can be loaded into a Symbiota portal. Follow the steps below to upload field images.

  1. Login to the biodiversity portal. Within most of the Symbiota biodiversity portals, a link can be found in the left menu to create a new account. Once you have an account, you can contact a portal administrator to obtain editing permissions.
  2. Navigate to the Species Profile page of the target taxon. If the taxon name is not already on a checklist nor can be found within the Image Library listing, you can find the Species Profile page for the given species by going to the Sitemap (link usually in left menu) and selecting the general Species Profile link found within the pane displaying the editing features.
  3. Once on the Species Profile page, click on the editing symbol located in the upper right of the page (see Fig 1). If you don’t see this symbol, it may be that you are not logged in or do not have the necessary permissions to edit this page.
  4. Click on the “Add New Image” link located within the menu located in the upper right of the editing page (see Fig 2).
  5. Select the browse button to select the image file to upload, enter other information available, and then submit (see Fig 3). Here are a few additional notes concerning the image to be uploaded:
    • The image file must be a standard JPG image.
    • If the image is too large for basic web display (file width and file size, as determined by portal managers), the image will be resized and compressed to create an appropriate web image using PHP GB image library. If the final quality is not to your liking, you may wish to create your own web quality image before upload using Photoshop or other software with more advanced resizing algorithms. If the image is of an appropriate size upon upload, the image will not be resampled.

Fig 1: Species Profile Page

Fig 2: Editor Page 1

Fig 3: Editor Page 2