Installation Instructions

Assumes all support software (MariaDB or MySQL, web server, PHP) have been installed and configured correctly

  1. Download Symbiota code from GitHub Repository
  2. Install Symbiota database schema
    • Create new database schema appropriately named for project. Use the UTF-8 as the default character set.
    • Create read-only and read/write users assigned to new database.
    • Load schema from scripts. Schema definition files are located in /config/schema-1.0/utf8/db_schema-1.0.sql
    • Run database patch scripts (e.g. db_schema_patch-1.0.1.sql, db_schema_patch-1.0.2.sql, etc). Make sure to run the scripts in the correct order.
  3. Configure the Symbiota Portal – Modify following configuration files to establish a unique look and feel for the web portal. When a GitHub code update is executed (git pull), these configuration files will not be modified and thus, your portal’s configurations will be preserved.
    • Homepage – rename index_template.php in base folder to index.php. Add your homepage introductory text on this page.
    • Database connection file located in /config/
      • Rename dbconnection_template.php to dbconnection.php. Add schema name, logins and passwords to connection file.
    • Symbiota configuration file located in/config/
      • Rename /config/symbini_template.php to symbini.php. Modify variables within to match your project environment. See Symbiota configuration help page for more help on this subject
    • Layout files located in root installation folder. These files are used by all pages to establish uniform header and footer
      • Rename header_template.php to header.php. Within file, change /images/layout/defaultheader.jpg to /images/layout/header.jpg, or name matching your header preference. Add your header to /images/layout/
      • Rename footer_template.php to footer.php and modify as you did with header.php file
      • If left menu is preferred to top menu bar, see /themes/static/readme.txt for installation instructions
    • Style control located in /css folder
      • Rename main_template.css to main.css
      • Rename speciesprofile_template.css to speciesprofile.css (used only by Species Profile page: /taxa/index.php)
      • Rename jquery-ui_template.css to jquery-ui.css
      • Modify CSS files to match desired style and layout for all pages
    • Misc
      • Rename usagepolicy_template.php to usagepolicy.php and modify as appropriate
    • File permissions – the web server needs write access to the following file and folders
      • All folders in /temp/
      • /webservices/dwc/rss.xml
      • /collections/datasets/dwc/
      • /content/collicon/
      • /content/logs/
  4. Start loading data