Loading Taxonomic Data

The Taxonomic Name editing interface that is available within your systems sitemap gives approved users the ability to add names into the taxonomic thesaurus. When adding taxa one-by-one, higher level taxa need to be loaded before lower level. For example, one would have to enter family, genus, species, and infraspecific species in that order. Note that a user must have Super Administrator or Taxonomic Administrator permissions to add to or edit the thesaurus.

Batch Uploading of Taxonomic Information
Taxa can also be batch loaded into the system from a flat structured, comma or tab delimited text file. To upload an Excel file, first save as a CSV (comma delimited) text file. Scientific name is the only required field, though strongly recommended fields include taxon author, name of parent taxon, family, and accepted name.  Parent taxa need to be already in the system or included in the input file. An alternative to a parent taxon column, the input file can contain columns for the core hierarchy that is defined within the taxonunits table (e.g. kingdom, division, class, subclass, order, family, etc). After selecting the upload file, it will be necessary to map the input columns to the Symbiota structure. Scientific name, with or without author imbedded, must be mapped to “scinameinput”. If acceptance (0 = not accepted, 1 = accepted ) is not defined, all taxa will be assumed to be accepted. In the absence of a hierarchical definition (e.g. parent taxa), infraspecific, specific, and genus linkage will be determined from scientific name and linked to family. If family does not yet exist in thesaurus and hierarchy above family is not defined in upload field, family will be linked directly to kingdom. Make sure not to map more than one source columns to the same target. Finally, make sure that source column names are unique values.