Morphological Character Mass-Update Editor

Data editors can code morphological character data for multiple species within a given family or genus using a single editing screen. This editor presents the character states in a table format, allowing an editor with broad knowledge of a taxon to quickly edit data for a group of species at once. Users must be logged in in order to edit any data. For most portals, login and new account links are located in the left menu or header. Note that this website is for documentation purposes only and logging in is limited to only a select few. Go directly to one of the Symbiota Data Portals to edit biodiversity data.

  • Access the Mass Updater for the appropriate project: Visit the portal’s Sitemap for a list of data editors available for your permissions. Once you are logged in, a link to the portal’s Sitemap is usually available in the left menu under your login name. If this is not the case, contact your portal’s administrator to obtain the necessary permissions and links to editors.
  • Using the Mass-Update Editor
    1. Select a checklist of interest
    2. Select the family or genus you wish to edit
    3. Click “Submit Criteria” button. This will display the list of morphological characters that are bound to that taxonomic group.
    4. Select the character that you wish to edit and once again click the submit button. This will display a table of species names and character states for the selected character along with the values currently entered in the database.
    5. Alter values as needed. Once finished, don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button.