Morphological Data Editor

  • User must be logged in in order to edit any data. For most portals, login and new account links are located in the left menu or header. Note that this website is for documentation purposes only and logging in is limited to only a select few. Go directly to one of the Symbiota Data Portals to edit biodiversity data.
  • Once logged in, you will notice a pencil symbol to the right of each scientific name within the key. Clicking this symbol will open the morphological character editor, which will allow you to change the actual data that is used in the key.
  • A snapshot of the SEINet editor is shown below. Note the following points:
    • Character states in bold type signify an existing trait (present) for that species. Regular type signifies not present.
    • An (i) listed after a bold character state means that the state was inherited from the parent. In the below example, compound type was inherited by the genus ”Acer.” Traits can also be inherited from the family level. While you can explicitly add an inherited trait, you do not have the option to remove an inherited trait, since it will only be inherited again immediately afterward. Explicitly coding any trait for a species will override inheritance of parent traits. Altering the parent traits will also affect the inheritance, though be careful because this will affect all children (species) of the parent.
    • Parent link to the right of the species name will take you to the editing page for the next immediate parent. Clicking on the parent link to the right of each state will open a window showing only that character profile for the immediate parent.
    • Don’t forget to click the “Submit Changes” in order to save your changes.