Rare and Sensitive Species Protection by State

Protecting locality details of rare, threatened, and sensitive species can be done for specific states through a special module built into the species checklist management tools. In short, a rare species administrator can create a blank species list specifically for managing sensitive species and then assign editing rights to one to several appropriate users for populating and managing the state list. The addition of a species to the list will automatically protect locality details of all specimens collected within the designated state. While localities details are protected from general users, collection managers and selected approved users will still be able to access the all locality information, map specimen records, and view label images.

See below for more detailed instructions on creating a state-based sensitive species protection checklist.

Instructions for Creating a State-based Protected Species List
  1. Create a new empty rare species checklist.
    • This is done clicking on “My Profile”, select Species Checklist tab, and then click on the green plus sign.
    • Change the Checklist Type to “Rare, threatened, protected species list”. If you don’t see the Checklist Type field located below the author field, then you probably do not have the necessary Rare Species Administration rights. In this case, you can continue creating the checklist and ask a portal administrator to change the checklist type at a later date.
    • Enter the state name in the locality field. Do not abbreviate or add any other text other than the state name.
    • The checklist can be private or public and made available to the general public
  2. Add one to several editors
    • From the new checklists, click on the checklist administration editing pencil located towards the user right of the page
    • Checklist editors do not need Rare Species Administration or any other special editing rights to manage the list
  3. Checklist editors add species needing protection using the normal checklist editing tools.
    • See checklist tutorials within the help section for details on how to build a species checklist

For more information on protecting specimen localities for rare species within a Symbiota portal, view our Rare Species webinar found within our mini-webinar series.