Software development

The following software development steps will enable more efficient data mobilization in Pakistan and other areas with poor internet access.

  1. Development of an easily installed simple database for specimen data capture with tools for data upload and maintenance of nomenclatural and geographic files.

Symbiota is intended for browser-based data entry. It is efficient with fast, reliable internet access, something that does not exist in Pakistan.

Initially, we shall use a spreadsheet for data entry, one designed for Pakistan but, to minimize data entry errors, we shall create a simplified data capture database that includes lookup tables for scientific and administrative regions as used in Pakistan: country, province, division or district.

Enable network completion of upper levels in hierarchy for scientific names and administrative regions.

On data upload, records with names and lower admin regions not matching those in the network database will be flagged for review.

The database will include a tool for downloading and integrating new and modified scientific names from the network.

  1. Modification of the annotation tool so that annotation labels include, at the top, the Catalog Number and, under the scientific name, the name of the family. Right now, it is hard to know which specimen an annotation applies to.
  2. Enable use of the data capture tool and record upload for personal specimen management. This is critical to integration of data mobilization into new specimen preparation, a step that is essential to sustainability of data mobilization.
  3. Enable inclusion of ORCID in Primary collector field.
  4. Modify label generator so that a) it eliminates repetition of names of admin regions; b) it can include vernacular names (with statement of language involved); c) can print a barcode consisting of ORCID followed by RecordNumber as the first line of the footer or person’s last name and record number, or all three. Again, this relates to persuading Pakistani botanists to see data mobilization as serving their personal career interest.
  5. Integration of datafile for Pakistani geographic names into Geolocate (Tulane University).