Update Instructions

The following instructions assume that the Symbiota portal was installed by doing an SVN checkout.

In May 2013, SourceForge updated their SVN repositories to a new system. If the original SVN checkout was made before this date, then the checkout will have to be remapped to the new repository. The following line should remap the checkout correctly, though this may depend on the version of the SVN client.

  • svn switch –relocate https://symbiota.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/symbiota https://svn.code.sf.net/p/symbiota/code

Update Procedure

  • Make a backup of the portal database. Example from command line:
    • mysqldump -u root -p symbsandbox > symbsandbox_2013-10-01.sql
  • From command line:
    • cd into the root directory of the portal (directory containing portal homepage)
    • Type following command line to update code. Depending on the file permissions, the command may need to be run as root (e.g. sudo svn update).
      • svn update
  • If installed on a Windows operating system were your SVN client runs from Windows Explorer, an SVN update can be done by right clicking on portal’s base folder and selecting SVN Update from the menu
  • Update database schema
    • Run any new patches (e.g. db_schema_patch-, against the portal’s database schema.
    • Make sure they are run in order starting from the newest patch since the last update. Try not to rerun the same patch twice.
    • As of patch, patch histories are recorded within the schemaversion table
    • Must run patch under a MySQL login that has full permissions to create and modify tables (e.g. root)
    • Example for updating schema from command line. Commands will need to be modified to match your local environment.
      • cd /var/www/html/symbiota/sandbox/config/schema/utf8/ [or latin1 if that is the database character set]
      • mysql -u root -p
      • use symbsandbox;
      • source db_schema_patch-;
  • Update done; review system to look for issues