Voucher Specimen Editor

The Voucher Display page shows information that is specific to a species name within a checklist. This data includes habitat, abundance, and voucher information. Vouchers are usually in the form of preserved specimens that have been deposited within a public herbarium. These voucher specimens serve as “proof” that the species was found within the research area. In the case of any doubt on the identification of a species, the voucher specimens can be inspected. Data editing features are enabled for portal users who are authorized editors for that checklist.

  • In order to edit checklist data, the user must be logged into the portal AND be listed as an editor for that particular checklist.
    • To request editing privileges for a particular checklist, contact a the portal’s administrator
  • The Voucher page can be accessed by clicking on a name within the checklist display page or within the Checklist Editor.
  • Misc. notes based on image of voucher page displayed below
    • For authorized users, editing features can be expanded by clicking on the plus signs.
    • Only basic voucher information is stored in Symbiota. Click on the “More Information” link to access the collection’s database and display the full record information.