Portal Campaign

In September 2022, leadership of the Mycology Collections Data Portal (MyCoPortal) collaborated with the Symbiota Support Hub to grow this portal community and advance its data quality and publishing rate.

Campaign Summary

Currently led by Andy Miller (Illinois Natural History Survey), Scott Bates (Purdue University Northwest), and Phil Anders (Illinois Natural History Survey), the MyCoPortal community was originally founded as the central data repository for the Macrofungi Collection Consortium in 2012 (NSF Award #1205935) followed by the Microfungi Collections Consortium (“MiCC”) in 2015 (NSF Award #1502735). Since then, MyCoPortal has grown to become one of the largest Symbiota portal communities, housing data from an impressive 154 fungal collections–83 of which live-manage their collections in the portal–over 4 million images, and 9.5 million specimen occurrences. The MyCoPortal campaign garnered participation from 34 portal community members over the course of the month. Major accomplishments of this campaign included updating 23 snapshot collections and bringing in 126k new specimen records into MyCoPortal. Additionally, 47k names were added to the portal’s taxonomic thesaurus, making 386k additional specimen records visible to the global mycological research community.

An image of Amanita specimens collected in 1988 available in MyCoPortal.
(Image: Université de Montréal; Occurrence: CMMF000170)

Campaign Documents

Office Hours meetings were held to facilitate community discussion and knowledge sharing. Recordings of these conversations are posted below.