Portal Campaigns

In 2021, the Symbiota Support Hub (SSH), a newly-funded domain of iDigBio, was created to support, improve, and expand existing Symbiota-based data portals. Critical to this mission has been Portal Advancement Campaigns: initiatives of approximately one month in which the SSH directs sustained effort and attention to a specific data portal with the goals of:

  • Updating collection metadata and facilitate publishing of data to global aggregators (e.g., GBIF & iDigBio)
  • Auditing current images: repairing or removing broken links.
  • Identifying data quality and Darwin Core alignment issues that can be fixed in batch and offer batch data cleaning
  • Providing additional training to users and admins and/or develop documentation and resources, as needed
  • Helping to build and expand the portal community

Practically, portal campaigns consist of generally four Office Hours meetings for the portal community that discuss several key topics including data publishing, data cleaning, and troubleshooting. These meetings are open for questions and issues experienced by the community, and the presentation portion(s) of the sessions are recorded for future viewing and for community members who cannot attend synchronously.

Portal Advancement Campaigns to Date

Campaign MonthPortal CommunityCampaign Materials & Registration
November 2022Texas and Oklahoma Regional Consortium of Herbaria (TORCH)Coming soon!
October 2022Pteridophyte Collections Consortium (PteridoPortal) – Starting Oct. 10Pteridoportal docs & meeting registration
September 2022Mycology Collections Data Portal (MyCoPortal)MyCoPortal docs
August 2022 Macroalgal Herbarium Consortium Macroalgae docs
May 2022 Consortium of Southern Rocky Mountain Herbaria (SoRo)SoRo docs
February 2022Southeast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections (SERNEC)SERNEC docs

Campaign Quick Links