Symbiota Portals

What are Symbiota portals? Each portal listed below represents a collaborative community of collections and researchers. Most portals have a specific regional and/or taxonomic scope, while others are institution-based. All portals include voucher-based occurrence records, and some additionally include observational data.

Who can join a portal? Symbiota portals are for collections of all sizes—large to small! Some collections may opt to “live manage” their data in a portal, while others may simply wish to share data maintained in an another database as a “snapshot” dataset. Both dataset types can be published to data aggregators through Symbiota portals.

Would you like to join a portal? Fill out this form and contact to let us know you’re interested. More information about joining can be found here.

Portal Name & LinkTaxonomic ScopeGeographic ScopeOther Notes
Academy of Natural Sciences Entomology CollectionInvertebrates (insects, other arthropods)GlobalMaintained by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
African HerbariaPlantsAfrica
All AsiaPlantsAsia
Arctic LichenFungi (lichens)Arctic
Base Nacional de BiodiversidadAllEcuadorMaintained by INABIO
Bhutan Biodiversity Specimen PortalAllBhutan
Big Bee LibraryInvertebrates (bees)Global
BioGatorAllUF Campus, Gainesville, FL, USA
Channel Islands Biodiversity Information System (Cal-IBIS)AllChannel Islands, CA, USAMaintained by the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and Nature Conservancy
Consortium of California Herbaria (CCH2)PlantsCalifornia Floristic Province, USA
Consortium of Latin American Lichen Herbaria (CHLAL)Fungi (lichens)Latin America
Consortium of Midwest HerbariaPlantsMidwest USAPart of the SEINet Portal Network
Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria (CNABH)Plants (bryophytes)Global
Consortium of North American Lichen Herbaria (CNALH)Fungi (lichens)Global
Consortium of Northeastern Herbaria (CNH)PlantsNortheast USA
Consortium of Pacific HerbariaPlantsPacific Islands
Consortium of Small Vertebrate CollectionsVertebratesGlobal
Consortium of Southern Rocky Mountain Herbaria (SoRo)PlantsSouthwest/Central USAPart of the SEINet Portal Network
Cooperative Taxonomic Resource for American Myrtaceae (CoTRAM)Plants (Myrtaceae)North and South America
Documenting Ethnobiology in Mexico and Central America (DEMCA)AllMexico and Central America
EcdysisInvertebrates (arthropods)Global
EcoFloras of North AmericaPlantsNorth AmericaPart of the SEINet Portal Network
FrullaniaFrullania (liverwort)Global
Gabon BiodiversityAllGabon / West Africa
Great Lakes Invasives NetworkAllMidwest USAMaintained by the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Guatemala BiodiversityAllGuatemala / Latin America
Herbario Virtual Austral Americano (HVAA)Plantssouthern South America (Argentina & Chile)
Illinois Natural History SurveyAllMidwest USA
Intermountain Herbaria ConsortiumPlantsCentral USAPart of the SEINet Portal Network
Invert-E-BaseInvertebratesGlobalDoes not include terrestrial arthropods
Lundell Plant Biodiversity PortalPlantsTexas, Mexico, MesoamericaMaintained by the University of Texas at Austin
Macroalgal Herbarium ConsortiumAlgaeGlobal
Madrean Discovery & Madrean Archipelago Biodiversity Assessment ProjectAllMadrean Archipelago (southern USA and northern Mexico)
Mid-Atlantic Herbaria ConsortiumPlantsNortheast USAPart of the SEINet Portal Network
Minnesota Biodiversity AtlasAllMinnesota, USAMaintained by the Bell Museum at University of Minnesota
MonarchAllGlobalMaintained by the California Academy of Sciences
Mycology Collections Data Portal (MycoPortal)FungiGlobalMaintained by the Illinois Natural History Survey
National Database of Biodiversity of Ecuador (BNDB)AllEcuador
North American Network of Small Herbaria (NANSH)PlantsNorth AmericaPart of the SEINet Portal Network
NEON BiorepositoryAllNEON field sites
Neotropical Flora PortalPlantsCentral and South America
Northern Great Plains HerbariaPlantsNorth-central USAPart of the SEINet Portal Network
Open HerbariumPlantsGlobal
OregonFloraPlantsOregonMaintained by Oregon State University
PaleobotanyPlants (fossils)Global
Pacific Island Land Snail Biodiversity Repository (PILSBRy)Invertebrates (terrestrial gastropods)Pacific Islands
PteridoPortalPlants (ferns)Global
SEINet New Mexico-Arizona ChapterPlantsNew Mexico and Arizona, USAPart of the SEINet Portal Network
Southeast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections (SERNEC)PlantsSoutheast USA Part of the SEINet Portal Network
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute CollectionsAllPanama
Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN)Invertebrates (Arthropods)GlobalMaintained by the University of Arizona
Texas and Oklahoma Regional Consortium of Herbaria (TORCH)PlantsTexas and Oklahoma, USAPart of the SEINet Portal Network
University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Herbarium (COLO)PlantsGlobalMaintained by the University of Colorado at Boulder