Checklist & Dataset Permissions

If you’ve gone looking for a checklist and found an ad, you’ve run into portal spam. Previously, anyone could create a checklist or dataset; unfortunately, this means that spammers used checklists to post irrelevant advertisements on some portals.

The Hub has remediated this issue by implementing new security features for checklists and datasets. There is now a new user permission category, “Create a Checklist”. Once enabled, this permission allows users to make public and private checklists and datasets. Here’s how this change may affect you:

  • If your user account was created before June 2022, you have automatically been granted “Create A Checklist” permissions by the Hub. If this is not the case, and you need to create checklists or datasets, contact the Hub and we’ll add this permission to your account.
  • New user accounts cannot automatically create checklists without requesting “Create a Checklist” permission. Contact the Hub (or someone with “Super Administrator” user permissions, like your portal manager) if you need this role to be added to a new account. 
  • All users can be granted permission to view or edit existing checklists and datasets by other users who have created these resources, regardless of their account’s permission status. See below.
  • If this solution is not working for you, please contact the Hub–we’re interested in your feedback!
“Create A Checklist” user permissions can be assigned by Super Administrators and the Support Hub.
If you have administrative access to a checklist, you can give other users editor access to the checklist, regardless of their account’s “Create A Checklist” permission status.

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