Seeking Algae Collections!

Do you manage an algae collection?

The Macroalgae Portal was recently migrated to Arizona State University servers where it has been updated and is now fully supported by the Symbiota Support Hub, and we’re planning our next portal advancement campaign to grow this portal community and enhance its existing datasets. To make that happen, we’re looking for more participants!

Before firming up the campaign schedule–which will take place this August through a series of four “office hour” sessions–we’d like to get a sense from prospective participants when to schedule these meetings. If you’re interested in participating, please register:

Each week during the campaign, we’ll address a different topic to assist campaign participants with their data management and publishing needs, and provide a forum for open discussion and training. The weekly office hours topics will be as follows:

  • Office Hours 1: Intro to the portal community & Support Hub
  • Office Hours 2: Data quality issues & data cleaning
  • Office Hours 3: Publishing your data to GBIF & iDigBio
  • Office Hours 4: Next steps for the portal community

Please spread the word to anyone with an algae collection.