Portal Advancement Campaigns in 2023

The Symbiota Support Hub hosted six Portal Advancement Campaigns in 2022, and these month-long events will continue in 2023. Portal campaigns are designed to help portal communities build on or reinvigorate digitization momentum. Campaign activities typically focus on improving portal data quality, increasing data publishing rates, and building overall community capacity for using your Symbiota portal. If you think your portal community would benefit from a Portal Advancement Campaign, contact the Hub ASAP to discuss the possibilities.

As a result of the Portal Advancement Campaigns hosted in 2022, a total of 1.7+ million specimen records, 1.3+ million images, and 187k georeferences were added to the participating Symbiota portal communities, and 28 collections began publishing their data to GBIF. Materials created for past campaigns can be reviewed on our website and blog.