Data Usage Policies

Most Symbiota portals contain a Data Usage Policy to instruct data users on how they should cite data in your portal. This policy can be customized to include guidance specific to your portal community, and it can be added as an item on your portal’s main navigation menu. Changes to this policy should be agreed upon within a portal community. Contact your portal manager(s) or the Hub to request changes to your portal’s policy, or to have it added to your portal’s main menu for ease of access.

To locate the Data Usage policy in your portal:

  • Navigate to Sitemap > Image Library > Usage Policy and Copyright Information
Most Symbiota portals contain a Data Usage Policy, which provides portal-specific guidance on data citations and other related topics. The example illustrated above is from the CCH2 portal. It is the responsibility of the portal community to collectively agree upon the terms and conditions presented in this policy.

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