Extended Specimen Updates

The Extended Specimen follows from the growing recognition that specimens are far more complex than their isolated occurrences, which has real implications for their digital representation and how this information is managed, shared, and used in collections databases and public aggregators. Beyond the core occurrence, specimens represent complex, interrelated networks of information. Symbiota software increasingly supports the Extended Specimen by enabling digital linkages to traits, specimen and taxon associations, publications, genetic data, and more.  If you were unable to participate in the Symbiota Support Group meeting held on March 4 about current and potential new directions for the Extended Specimen in Symbiota portals (recording), you can still view, comment on, and add to the lists of community-contributed ideas for Extended Specimen functionality in GitHub Issues and Discussions. You can also vote on related development priorities here:

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Recording of the Symbiota Support Group meeting held on March 4, 2024.