New Linkage Between GBIF & Symbiota

At the request of the Symbiota Support Hub, GBIF has recently improved the connection between individual records in the GBIF portal and their corresponding Symbiota records. This pathway prompts GBIF users to comment on records directly in the Symbiota portal, rather than send emails to the dataset owner. These comments can be reviewed and addressed by collection managers and curators (instructions) to improve data quality in your portal.

This new feature is illustrated below using the example ASUFIC007087, an occurrence record in CSVColl that has been published to GBIF:

(1) When a logged-in user views a record in GBIF, they can (2) click the speech bubble icon in the top right corner to leave feedback on the site. (3) To leave feedback about a specific record, they click the Content section.

(4) After clicking Content, the pop-up provides a button that directs them to the original record in the Symbiota portal.

(5) From here, the user can leave a comment via the Comments tab. Note that the user will have to create an account in that Symbiota portal and log in to leave a comment. (This is to prevent spam.)