Invitation to Join Ecdysis

The Symbiota Support Hub and leadership of the Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN) invite all collections that live-manage their specimen records in SCAN to migrate their data management to Ecdysis, a Symbiota portal for live-managed arthropod collections. Since this portal is maintained by Arizona State University, the Symbiota Support Hub can largely make this move for your collection. Functionally, Ecdysis is very similar to SCAN, but it runs on the most recent version of the Symbiota code base.

Why is this recommendation being made?

SCAN leadership has been working to migrate their portal to a cloud-based hosting service that better suits their needs. This migration will allow them to transition SCAN to an alternate codebase in the future. After the migration, SCAN portal maintenance, updating, and cybersecurity will be fully administered by the SCAN team. SCAN leadership is recommending that live-managed collections move to Ecdysis, which will allow the Symbiota Support Hub to more comprehensively assist you through our Help Desk.

How do I migrate my data?

If you are live-managing your data within SCAN, please contact the Symbiota Support Hub ( to indicate that the Hub can migrate your data to the Ecdysis portal community. After this migration, a copy of your data can remain available within the SCAN portal as a snapshot, but moving forward, management of your specimen records will occur in Ecdysis. 


Please contact the Symbiota Support Hub ( or Neil Cobb (, the SCAN Portal Lead and Manager, if you have questions about this change.