Coming Soon: Bee Data Mobilization Campaign

Do you have a bee dataset you would like to share? Are you interested in publishing data with GBIF and the bee community? The Big-Bee TCN and the Symbiota Support Hub encourage your participation in our upcoming Portal Advancement Campaign for the Bee Library, a Symbiota portal dedicated to bee image, trait, and specimen data. Through a series of virtual office hours starting Thursday, August 31, the campaign will provide participants with an introduction to the Bee Library Symbiota Portal and emphasize data mobilization within this Symbiota portal. As part of this event, the Symbiota Support Hub will offer dedicated assistance to collections and researchers that would like to contribute data to this portal community. The datasets can come from any source including monitoring projects or museum collections. They can include specimen data or just be observation records without linked specimens. Resulting datasets will be included in the Bee Library and can be published to GBIF.

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After the campaign begins, documentation related to this event will be posted here.