Symbiota Communications

FAQ about email communications from the Symbiota Support Hub

Why am I getting newsletter emails from the Hub?
The Symbiota Support Hub curates contact lists based on the status of your user account in ASU-hosted Symbiota portals. For example, if your user account has “Administrator” access to one or more collection profiles, you will be subscribed to communications intended for this group of Symbiota users (typically collections managers and curators). The Hub updates its contact lists biannually in an attempt to keep these lists as current as possible.

What happens if I unsubscribe?
If you unsubscribe from one Hub communication, the system will unsubscribe you from all Hub communications (event reminders, portal management updates, security notifications, requests for redacted data, etc.) For this reason we strongly discourage active Symbiota users from unsubscribing.

I think should be getting emails from the Hub, but I have not received any. What should I do?
If you think you should already be receiving communications from the Hub, but have not received any messages from us:

  • 1) Add to your contact list.
  • 2) Check your spam folder for messages from the Symbiota Support Hub. Mark any messages from the Hub as “not spam”.
  • 3) If our messages are not in your spam folder, they may have been blocked by an institutional firewall.
  • 4) Complete this form to subscribe.
  • 5) Make sure all contacts listed on your collections profile(s) are current. (Learn how.)